Deep Resilience: Our “Hotter, Wetter, Wilder” Challenge

DAY THREE – 25 October 2018

Session 5 – Thursday morning
9 am to noon, 25 October 2018

Noted speaker: Andrew Bowerbank
Andrew is the National Vice President of Sustainability and Energy at WSP in Canada. He is a leading authority on emerging clean technologies, high-performance building design and low-carbon economics. He places strategic emphasis on marketing and communication initiatives to ensure client successes are celebrated and resources are in place to support growth. In 2017, He was named one of Canada’s top 16 sustainability leaders through the “Clean50” Awards, and was the recipient of the Ontario Premier’s Award for leadership in technology. He will address opportunities for today’s generation of students to play a role.


Followed by Seneca’s on-campus innovation hub – HELIX will introduce through a mini boot camp process the opportunity for participants as entrepreneurs to develop solutions for real life problems associated with resilience. Success stories from previous HELIX initiatives in urban farming and clean water provision will be shared as inspiration. Means of fleshing out and developing your idea through HELIX will be outlined.

Session 6 – Thursday afternoon
1 pm to 4pm, 25 October 2018

A TD Insurance expert will outline challenges faced in dealing with catastrophic weather and related events followed by a panel featuring Dr. Gail Krantzberg, McMaster University, Great Lakes specialist; Dr. Velma Grover, McMaster University, international perspective; Chris Hume, urban specialist on the Downsview Park swale; Todd Latham, Publisher, ReNew Canada magazine.

Followed by a backgrounder from TD Insurance on their response to unanticipated events and a challenge for participating students to use entrepreneurial initiative in developing solutions for Canada’s resilience challenge. Seneca’s on-campus innovation hub, HELIX, will be major participant and provide students with the next steps necessary to make their ideas become reality.

Closing comments from TD Insurance.

Research Follow-Up
The three days above will be supported by Seneca’s own graduate certificate students in Project Management in the Environment under the leadership of Professor Andrew Wickham. This program recently completed a three-year study on the implications and opportunities for Canada growing to 100 million citizens by century-end examining.

The three books released on this challenge are available in limited quantities.

This year begins a new multi-year research examination of how the insights gleaned in the above three days can be applied to widely varying Canadian circumstances with a particular focus on the means by which practical applied college academic programs can be leaders in incorporating appropriate local responses to the broader necessity for resilience.



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