Resilience: Our “Hotter, Wetter, Wilder” Challenge

This three-day event at Seneca College has been made possible through the generous support and active engagement of TD Insurance.

Resilience: Our “Hotter, Wetter, Wilder” Challenge is a three-day symposium for college students and interested members of the general public focusing on the impact of, and our response to, unpredictable weather which the Resilient Toronto initiative describes as “hotter, wetter, and wilder”.

We know many of the causes including human impact on our climate, more people living in denser urban agglomerations, and the catastrophic effects of fire and rain in what we thought were stable settings. We want to begin looking at modest, imaginative, and bigger solutions and responses.

We’ll be examining these features for our current and future world for three days running from 23 October through 25 October inclusive. Each day is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon, (for a total over the three days of six sessions). Each session will have a noted speaker, or speakers, followed by an engaging exercise for participants.

DAY ONE – 23 October 2018

Session 1 – Tuesday morning
9 am to noon, 23 October 2018
Welcome from TD Insurance
and Seneca College

Noted speaker: Dr. Irvin Studin
Irvin is the President of the Institute for 21st Century Questions, and Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Global Brief magazine. He has been called one of the leading international policy thinkers of his generation. Studin is currently Visiting Professor at the Université du Québec à Montreal (with the Chaire Raoul-Dandurand), and has been a professor in leading universities in North America, Asia and Europe. He leads off our event with a talk on major challenges facing Canada during this century.

Followed by the 2:1 Agenda – Canada’s bio-capacity (all those necessary and good things from diverse flora and fauna, productive soil, clean potable water, pollinators, etc.) to its eco-carbon footprint (all those pollutants and carbon releases associated with our acknowledged prosperous lives) is in the range of 2:1 unlike most developed nations with a negative ratio. While this is good news story it is also one fraught with challenge as our prosperity and impact on the world threatens to wipe out this head start for a reasonable balance. Dr. Cheryl Bradbee of the 2:1 Resilience Initiative will lead students through a workshop of discovery, innovation, and ideas generation.

Session 2 – Tuesday afternoon
1 pm to 4 pm, 23 October 2018

Noted Speaker: John van Nostrand
John is the Founding Principal of SvN. Over the last four decades, he has been the driving force behind the firm’s domestic and international architecture, planning and urban design practice. John has extensive experience leading large, multi-disciplinary consulting teams on complex regional planning and rural and urban development projects across Canada and around the World, including a number of major mine-related housing projects in Africa, Latin America and Canada. He brings a perspective on the Boreal Corridor region of Canada.

Followed by the 2:1 Agenda – see above for details under the leadership of Dr. Cheryl Bradbee



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